I just weighed myself this morning and I have gained 1kg.

Weightloss is a terribly long journey and a very tough one especially if you are a mother and studying at the same time.

Really hope to get better results by end of the week 😥😥😥


Week 1 and 2

I finally decided to start on my weight loss mission.

As I have had two caesarean sections, my options are limited and I could prob try up to 4 children only, depending on how my lower segment and adhesions seen.

I have decided that I will need to have a bigger gap before my next child and so I should start getting back in shape.
My plan is simple – 20 000 steps a day and a 750 cal deficit shoyld give me a 0.7kg weight loss per week. I am currently typing on my phone so I dont have the rest of my statistics, will update on a later date.
So here goes. I started on 21st January and I weighed 63kg.

Now is the 29th January and I weigh 61kg.

My target weight is 52kg, and I’m hoping I will reach that by middle of the year. I’M looking for a long term solution, so I plan to go slow ans steady 🙂
Wish me luck.

I hope keeping this blog with my statistics will motivate me towards weight loss!!!