Curry Fried Chicken

This is a variation of the typical fried chicken but with curry powder


Chicken (however amount you want)

Curry powder (depends on how much chicken you are using, make sure it coats all of the chicken)

Salt to taste

Curry leaves (around 2 stalks or 20 leaves)

Oil to fry

How to

Clean the chicken

Mix curry powder and salt

Marinade the chicken with the mixture, and let it stand for half an hour or so. Add the curry leaves to the mixture

Heat the wok

Fry the chicken until cooked


This recipe is dead easy and tastes better than the normal “ayam goreng kunyit” or fried chicken with tumeric. Only down side is that my 2 year old son cant have it because it is sometimes too spicy for him 😦 Nonetheless, one of my favourite dishes to cook if it werent for the fact that it uses too much oil.

If you do try it, don’t forget to comment below.

Take care and lots of love


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