Cooking and on a tight budget

So, life has been sort of tough lately.

I am currently on maternity leave, and due to some sort of paperwork issue, although I took three months paid maternity leave and 2 months unpaid leave, I will be unpaid for 3 months and only getting paid for 2. To make matters worse, I wont be paid the first month I am back from my leave because they need to submit the form and that will take a while.

I have found a part time job for two months, but it does mean that there will be another 2 months where I will not have an income. Granted, I will get the money eventually, but it will be tight before it comes.

Therefore, I have started cooking at home more often. This should be the case anyways, cause no matter what you cook at home, it will still be healthier than buying from the shops.

So, I thought I will start sharing some basic recipes with the blog, partly so that it will give me an idea what to cook for dinner next 🙂

Until my next post, lots of love


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